Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't donate that old Sweater...

Use it to make a pillow or some leg warmers...or both!  Many of you know that Nate got laid off last month.  This obvioulsy hurt my craft fund.  Instead of having to take a craft sabatical, I decided to see how many things I could make with what I had already laying around.  The first was this cool sweater pillow.  I headed down to the basement, searched through my "garage sale" pile and found a few sweaters that would work perfectly.  Here is the one I used for this post:
Cut a little here, snipped a little there and came up with this:

and this:

I also used an old sheet and cut out 2 rectangles the same size as the above pillow pieces  to act as a lining.  I sewed all 4 together, stuffed with batting, and then hand stitched the pillow closed.
For the leg warmers, I sewed on the cuffs to the top (which were cut from the bottom of the sweater), and added a flower I made from tulle.   I made both in one night.  Another fun project, and completely free!



Steph said...

Way cute ideas. I actually noticed that pillow at your house the other day and was going to ask if you made it. Good Job. :)

Beau & Shannon said...