Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fabric Pumpkins

I decided to try my hand at a step-by-step craft post.  Here goes:
Supplies Needed:

*Warm and Natural Fabric-you can find this by the yard in the batting section     *Other fabric of choice
*Polyester Batting  *Sturdy, thick cording or thread  *Orange Paint  *Foam Paint Brush *Dry leaves & Stem

Cut out your fabric depending on what size you what your pumpkin.  The measurements for the one above is 22"x6".  Fold in half and sew the short end.

Take your thick cording and thread a needle.  Hand stitch only one open side(long side).  Make the stitch longer than normal so you can cinch it.

Cinch that side you just sewed...

...and then turn it inside-out.

Stuff with the batting.  Tip: There is no such thing as too much batting.  It should be over flowing.

Sew what is now the top like you did the bottom with longer stitches.

Pull it SUPER tight so that there is a small hole left.  Don't cut your cord yet.

Start wrapping your cord around the pumpkin to make the sections.  Wrap around once and then take your needle and stick it through the middle of the pumpkin.  Pull VERY tight.  Repeat this process to make as many sections as you want.  Tie off the cord when you are done.

Here is what it should look like at this point.

If you made it out of the warm & natural, you can leave it white to look like a gourd, or paint it orange to make it a pumpkin.  This will take a lot of paint because the fabric soaks it up.

Add your leaves and cut a small branch to make a stem.  Hot glue works great.

Here is another option for your pumpkins.  The bottom one was the easiest because it did not need to be painted.
Ok, go find some cute fall/Halloween fabric and make some pumpkins.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Cricut Shirts

Here is another fun project brought to you by the Cricut.  All you need is a plain shirt, some fabric paint, and freezer paper.
You cut a stencil out of the freezer paper with your cricut.  Iron it onto your shirt and use a flat foam brush to stencil with the fabric paint.  Let dry over-night and then peel away the freezer paper.  Voila'   Here are the 2 I have made so far.


Cake in a Box Birthday Card

I found this idea and just had to make it.  As always, it took longer than expected to make, but I am really excited about the end result.  Enjoy!