Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cork Board--->Necklace Holder

Here is another recycled project I made last week.  I have been so annoyed lately with how I keep all my necklaces.  Before this board, I would have to look in about 4 different spots for any given necklace.  I  had some hanging on doorknobs, in my jewelry box, in the bathroom, etc!  Now, they are all in one place and easy to see.  I have literally had this cork board since High School!  What used to hold Senior Pictures and ticket stubs, now holds my necklaces.  Here is how I made this:
Cork Board
Fabric/Paper/Contact Paper
Modge Podge
Spray Paint (optional)
Push Pins
I started by spray painting the wood frame an off-white.  No need to tape it off since the cork will later be covered.  I also spray painted my push pins at this time.  This is optional, I just wanted mine to match the fabric.

I then cut my fabric to the size needed to fit over the cork and modge podged it on.
And that's about it.  I arranged my necklaces while the board was laying flat and then added my push pins where needed!  It is now hung in my closet, out of the way and untangled!

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kylah said...

This is lovely, I've been looking for a way to store my long necklaces without them getting tangled and this is perfect!