Monday, March 16, 2009

Cricut Onesies

I came across an article online that was talking about being able to cut out fabric with the Cricut. So, I decided to try out this fabric myth. It took awhile to get the right settings. I also had to have just the write type of fabric and wonder under. It worked amazing once I got it all figured out though.

Any size, color of onesie
Thicker, starchier cotton fabric
Wonder Under
Buttons or other embellishments
Cricut machine, Baby Bug or Expression
New Cricut Mat

How To:
Figure out what you want to cut out of the Cricut; you will also need to figure out what size you want it.
Cut out a square a few inches bigger than the item you want from the fabric and the wonder-under.
Iron wonder-under to back-side of fabric. Do not take off the paper, it helps with the cutting process.
Attach the fabric with wonder-under to your new mat. Use a rolling pin to make sure it is on real good.
Load mat into Cricut.
Set settings to medium and your blade to a 4. (You may have to mess around with your settings a bit to get it just right. I recommend testing out your cuts before wasting fabric)
Cut out your item.
Remove paper backing from the wonder-under and center on onesie.
Iron on and make sure it is really stuck good.
Now you can add buttons, sew around the edges or whatever else your imagination can think of.
Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
Send me a link if you post pictures of your completed project.

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